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 Persephone's Fanfic

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Persephone Lestrange


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PostSubject: Persephone's Fanfic   Sun May 18, 2008 3:55 pm

I was a teenager when it happened. Thirteen to be exact. It was the year the Triwizard tournament was to be held at Hogwarts. The last task was a maze and the champions had to get to the Triwizard cup and whoever got there first was the winner. Unknown to anyone the cup was a portkey. That is when Voldemort came back.

Everything started getting worse from that day forward. Voldemort was growing in power and death eaters were terrorizing people.
My parents are death eaters, (Bellatrix and Rudolphus Lestrange) but after the first war with Voldemort they were captured and sent to Azkaban. As for me I was sent to live with my aunt, husband and their one year old son. My aunt and her husband were death eaters as well, but they escaped captivity.

Even though I grew up with death eaters I do not share their views. When I attended Hogwarts for the first time I met someone that helped me understand. Even though I was sorted into Slytherin and he was in Gryffindor he still befriended me and he changed my whole world. That person was Harry Potter.

I suppose I should tell you how we became friends. It is not easy to understand especially since I live with the Malfoys and Harry and Draco Malfoy are worst enemies. Also Slytherins and Gryffindors never get along so why would he and I?

It all started the first day of school. I was following Draco around and he was telling me about everyone and who I should avoid. I guess Draco already had a reputation even though he had been at Hogwarts for only a year because everyone knew I was related to him and no one would come near me except for other Slytherins and some people were rude to me.

Half way through the day I was tired of people being mean to me when they didn’t even know me. I was in the courtyard crying when I heard someone ask if I was okay. I looked up and saw a boy with brown hair. He had gorgeous green eyes. There was another boy that had red hair telling the other boy that it was a bad idea to talk to me.

“I’m fine.” I said as I wiped my tears.

“You don’t look fine.”

“I’m just tired of people treating me bad when they don’t even know me. It’s just because I’m related to Draco.”

“And you’re in Slytherin.” The red head mumbled.

The brown haired boy shot the red head a look and then turned back to me. “Well, I won’t be like the others. I’m Harry and this is Ron.”

“I’m Persephone.”

From that day on we became friends and even Ron looked passed me being in Slytherin and being related to Draco. Draco wasn’t happy that I was friends with Harry and neither were his parents, but I didn’t care.

Now I will be starting my fifth year and Harry is in his sixth. It’s the middle of summer and things were getting worse. I am afraid that I will be forced to join Voldemort’s side. Voldemort already has Draco doing something and I am afraid he is going to get me to do something.
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Aminia Weasley

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PostSubject: Re: Persephone's Fanfic   Sun May 18, 2008 11:20 pm

Wow! I like this keep writing!
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PostSubject: Re: Persephone's Fanfic   Sun May 18, 2008 11:40 pm

me too, keep on writing!!!!
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Persephone Lestrange


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PostSubject: Re: Persephone's Fanfic   Fri May 23, 2008 8:27 pm

I was in my room while Voldemort was talking to Draco. I wasn’t allowed out of my room when Voldemort was here because they knew I was friends with Harry and knew I would tell him about anything I found out. Also to make sure I don’t sneak out a death eater stands outside my door and outside my window.

Usually when Voldemort makes his visits he doesn’t bother me, but tonight was different. After he got done talking with Draco he came into my room and I’ll admit I was afraid. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

“Persephone, it’s good to see you.”

I was afraid to speak. I didn’t know what to say and I was afraid that if I did then I would say something that would make him mad and I didn’t want that to happen.

“I asked Lucius and Narcissa to get you to join us since they are your family, but they are not doing a good job.”

I was afraid of this. Voldemort is going to try and get me to join his side. I won’t. I don’t care what he does to me, I won’t join him.
“It is in your blood to be a death eater, Persephone. Your whole family has been loyal to me.”

“Not all of them.” I whispered, but Voldemort still heard me.

“The ones that were not death eaters were not the better half. You are smart, Persephone, and you are on the better side.”
I was silent. I didn’t know what to do. Or what he would do.

“You know all your friends at school? Well, if you don’t do what I say then I will hurt them. I will capture them one by one and torture them in front of you and you won’t be able to help them.”

I knew Voldemort would hurt my friends even if I joined him, but I didn’t think about that at the time. I only thought about my friends and how I didn’t want them to get hurt because of me.

Voldemort came closer to me and I kept taking steps back. Soon I was trapped in a corner. Voldemort grabbed my arm.

“What do you say now, Persephone?”

I closed my eyes, hoping this was a bad dream. Unfortunately I couldn’t wake up from this nightmare.

The next morning when I woke up I remembered what happened last night and I felt like crying. I have to distant myself from all my friends or they would get hurt…or worse.

Once I got done showering and got ready for the day I went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. No one was in there except Draco.

“So, I heard you decided to join our side.” Draco said.

“Yes.” I said, not wanting to talk.

“Don’t sound so down about it.”

I looked at Draco. “You joined on your own free will. At least Voldemort didn’t threaten the people you love.”

Draco looked like he spaced out. I waved my hand in front of his face, but he didn’t even blink. I snapped my fingers and he shook his head.


“You spaced out. What were you thinking about?”

“None of your business.” Then he left the kitchen. I just shrugged my shoulders and got something to eat.

The rest of the summer went by very slowly. Before Draco and I went to the Hogwarts Express Voldemort had another chat with me. He told me the same thing he did that night; I didn’t need reminding though.

When Draco and I got on the train I saw Harry and the others. Harry smiled at me, but I ignored him and followed Draco to a compartment. I didn’t like ignoring Harry, but I had to in order to protect him.

When we got into a compartment Pansy and two other people joined us. Draco was explaining that Voldemort assigned him an important job, but he didn’t say what it was. I don’t even know what it is.

I wasn’t paying attention to their conversation. I was staring out the window thinking about what was to come.

When we got to the train station we all headed out to leave except for Draco.

“Draco, are you coming?”

“You go ahead. I’ll be right there.”

I shrugged my shoulders and left. I wonder what Draco is going to do.

After awhile Draco caught up to us and we went to Hogwarts. I looked around to see if I could spot Harry, but I couldn’t. I saw Ron and Hermione, but Harry wasn’t with them. What happened to him? Then something clicked in my head. Draco stayed behind and Harry isn’t around. Wait that still doesn’t make sense. Why would Draco stay behind just to see Harry who was in another compartment…or was he?

We finally got to the castle and we went into the Great Hall. We watched as the first years got sorted and then the feast began. I looked over at the Gryffindor table, but Harry still wasn’t there. I don’t know when I should start to worry.

A few minutes later Harry finally came in. He looked horrible though, like he had gotten beaten. I looked at Draco. I knew he did something to Harry.

After dinner all the students headed to their houses. I saw Harry making his way to me so I tried to walk faster so I didn’t have to talk to him. Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky.

“Persephone, can I talk to you?”

“Not now, Harry. I’m tired and want to get to my dorm.”

“It’s really important.”

“Back off, Potter.” Draco said. “She said she doesn’t want to talk to you so go away.”


“Sorry, Harry.” Then I left. I hated what I was doing, but I didn’t have a choice.
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Emily Malfoy


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PostSubject: This is Awsome!   Sun May 25, 2008 11:02 am

I love this story. Please continue.
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Natalie Black


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PostSubject: Re: Persephone's Fanfic   Thu May 29, 2008 1:13 pm

I'm hooked. Continue please =)
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Persephone Lestrange


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PostSubject: Re: Persephone's Fanfic   Thu Jun 05, 2008 4:07 pm

The next day when I woke I up I realized how hard the school year was going to be. Ten months I have to distance myself from my friends and possible make them think that I don’t like them any more. Also who knows what will happen now that Voldemort is back.

At breakfast I noticed Harry always looking my way and I tried my best to avoid his gaze. This was going to be a long year.
My first class if the day was Defense against the Dark Arts and like every year we have a new teacher, but this year the teaching job went to Professor Snape and Professor Slughorn is the new Potions Professor. Everyone was surprised when Dumbledore announced that Snape was the DADA Professor.

I wasn’t really paying attention. I had too many thoughts in my head. I tried concentrating on school, but my mind kept thinking about other things. I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when Snape came over to me and yelled my name.

“Yes sir?” I said startled.

“Ms. Lestrange, though this is the first day I will not tolerate your daydreaming. Now pay attention or you will get detention.”

“Yes sir.”

Soon class ended and gathered my things and was about to leave, but Snape held me back. I wonder what he wants. I knew he was working for Voldemort now so does he want to talk to me about that or is it school related?

“Persephone, I hear you finally joined the death eaters. Has the Dark Lord given you a mission yet? I know he has given Draco one.”

“Well, Draco is more trustworthy at the moment. You do remember who I have been friends with for the past five years?”

“Ah yes, Potter.”

“I have to earn his trust before he gives me anything to do, which could be awhile.”

“Do you know the mission Draco was given?”

“Nope. Draco hasn’t told me and I doubt he ever will. No one trusts me.”

“Fine, you may go now.”

“Thank you.” Then I left.

That was strange. Why does Snape want to know if Voldemort has given me an assignment? And why does he want to know what Draco’s assignment is? Snape is supposedly very loyal to Voldemort so why doesn’t he know. I guess I’m not the only one of the death eaters that isn’t trusted.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t see someone in front of me and I ran right into them; I fell to the floor.

“Are you okay?”

I looked up and saw Neville. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Neville held out his hand to help me up, but I got up on my own.

“Something big must be on your mind for you to not pay attention to where you’re going.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

I never thought Neville and I would be friends. My parents did torture his parents to insanity and I thought that Neville would hate me for it. I was wrong.

It was the day after I met Harry, Ron and Hermione. We were in the courtyard working on homework…well, Hermione and I were. Harry and Ron were talking about other things. A small gust of wind came up and blew some of my papers away so I went chasing after them. Luckily for me I didn’t have to chase them far because Neville had caught them.

“Um, here you go.” He said quietly.

“Thanks.” I said as I took my papers. He looked a little frightened and I didn’t know why. “What’s the matter?”

“You’re in…Slytherin.”

“Yeah, but I’m not like the others. I’m nice. I promise. I’m Persephone Lestrange.”

“N-Neville Longbottom.” Once I said my name Neville’s eyes grew wide ad he looked even more frightened.

“Are you okay?”

“Are your parents Bellatrix and Rudolphus?”

“Yes, why?” Neville didn’t have to answer though because I finally realized why Neville looked so scared. Narcissa told me what my parents did to his. “Oh I am nothing like my parents and I’m sorry for what they did. I’ll understand if you hate me.”

Neville was silent for a minute and then he spoke. “I-I don’t blame you. You don’t have any control over your parents.”

I smiled. From then on we became friends.
End of Flashback

Neville has been such a good friend and he looked passed what my parents did and he didn’t blame me. But now I’m going to lose all the friends I have just because of Voldemort.

“Are you all right, Persephone?”

“I’m fine. Now I have to get to my next class.” Then I left Neville standing in the hall.

I had potions next and that class was my best subject. It would be weird to have someone new teach potions since I’m use to Snape. I wonder what this teacher will be like.

It was an interesting class. Slughorn gave us a potion that causes hiccups and we had to make the potion that cures hiccups. The classroom was filled with people hiccupping and trying to make the potion right to cure them.

By then end of the class only a few people made the potion and Slughorn had to give the people who didn’t get the potion right the cure. Slughorn was impressed by what I did. I made the potion in twenty minutes.

“Very impressive, Ms. Lestrange. You have a good talent for potions.”

“I suppose I do.”

“Why don’t you join the Slug Club?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s my club that I invite students to, but only the students I think is worthy.”

“Um, okay.”

“Great. I’ll send you a letter to let you know when the first meeting will be.”

And after that class ended. That was interesting. I wonder what will happen in this club of his. And I wonder who else has joined…or forced to join?
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PostSubject: Re: Persephone's Fanfic   

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Persephone's Fanfic
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