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 I Take a Stand By ElizabethPotter

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PostSubject: I Take a Stand By ElizabethPotter   Sun May 18, 2008 11:26 pm

I wrote this peom ages ago. I really like singing it because it seems to go with soft music.
I Take a Stand
Here, I take a stand
At the highest mountain
Above the ground
I spread my wings to fly
Upon the air and wind
There is magic out there, somewhere
But where does it lead to?
A world that would be unknown
That I may have dreams about
Nothing is goanna stop me
From having all those dreams
I need to see and wonder
If there is another world
I would explore it all around
Here, I take a stand
Upon the floor of gold and silver
Where I would dance all night
To it music that I hear
Doesn’t sound like any thing than
I heard nothing of it before
Would this dancing take a lead?
A journey of a whole new world
Nothing is goanna stop me
From taking a journey into the world
Even if there is one that I could take
It would change of who I am
Now and forever
Here, I take a stand
In the miracle garden of magic
By the forest of no where
Where the grass always stay green
I would take a walk into the garden of mystery
Within mystery of it magic it has
Should magic bring miracles?
To the world that in need magic
In many mysteries magic is gifted by us all
Nothing is ever going to stop me
From taking a stand for anything in the world
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I Take a Stand By ElizabethPotter
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